What if we could use the rain drops to adorn your house?
What if with every change of weather would bring new inspirations to your home or work space?
Make people stop and stare in awe. Rain chain is not just for draining. It’s an art.

Our New Rain Chains

Tama L

Addition of Size L for Tama rain chain with soft round form

Rain Chain Products


Rhythmical rain chain with 3 different lengths of pipes

Toh L

Simple and cylindrical shaped rain chain “Toh” now has a larger model in size L.


Stainless steel rain chain with a bamboo motif

Ta-ke Copper

Copper will age gracefully for traditional rustic aestheticism


Round form for superior feel and soft rain flow along the curves

Tama L

Addition of Size L for Tama rain chain with soft round form


Dazzling rings brighten the building even on a rainless day


Image of blossoming flower, yearning for the rain


Rain chain that age beautifully through the years

Migumo L

Suitable for large public buildings and temples

Weight Products

Amane L

Amane L decorate your eaves with richness


Simple elegant weight, connectable with ball chain


Having a calm presence


Copper weight for Japanese styled rain chain


About the Anchoring Weight for Rain Chains
Types of names for rain chains
The Osaka Castle Park