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Making Rain Chains Since 1960 in Japan

Rain chain is a type of rain
spout born in Japan.

Rain chain is a type of rain spout born in Japan. A country that embraces the aestheticism of flowing water and the changes of four seasons and the culture that incorporates these sensibilities into its landscape created rain chain to appreciate the flow of rainwater.

SEO Inc. has been consistently making rain chains of the finest quality in Japan since the 1960’s. While having capabilities to manufacture traditional rain chains, we continue to develop rain chains that synthesize with modern architectural design.

With an aspiration to “unite rainwater with the landscape” , we will deliver rain chains not only to be appreciated in Japan but rain chains that would be embraced through out the world.

In our new showroom located in Tokyo,
every type of rain chain
created by SEO Inc. is on display and
with some of the rain chains you
may pour water on them to check how it flows.