About the Anchoring Weight for Rain Chains



New anchoring weight for rain chains are now available.

The new anchoring weight is made of black granite called kuro-nachi and carefully hand polished one piece at a time by our craftsmen. The stone literally means black-nachi stone and as the name suggests, the darkness becomes more vivid the more you polish it and is often used in Japanese gardens. The material comes from the Kumano City of Mie Prefecture.

The names of the new anchoring weights are “Amane L” and “Amakage” and these can be used for ALL of our rain chains.

Rain chains require the bottom to be stationary or else strong winds will cause it to sway and may damage the building or the rain chain itself, so an anchor is used to stabilize it.


Amane L


There are other means to stabilize the chain, such as literally anchoring it but when matched with a handsome weight, it further perfects the aesthetics and enhances the beauty of the rain chain.