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Seo Rain Chain is a brand created by SEO Inc., a company that has been making rain chains for over half a century since the 1960s in Japan, a country where the first rain chain was invented.

01The Beautiful Rain Chain Born in Japan

Rain chains are highly designed downspout that allows you to visually enjoy the flow of rain. Japan has a long rainy season, and there are many words associated with rain, such as Tsuyu, "rainy season", and Akisame, "autumn rain”. In Japan, where people have lived in harmony with rain for many years, rain chains have long been used in temples, shrines, and traditional Japanese architecture as a building ornament to embrace as well as express the seasons and emotions.

02Graceful Flow of Water

The graceful flow and sound of water brings richness and moves people's hearts.
The Seo Rain Chains offers a moment of appreciation by creating a beautiful flow of water and a wonderful sound to enjoy the rain.

03A Highly Designed Rain Chains that Adapts to a Variety of Architectural Styles

In Japan, a country with abundant rainfall and predominantly wooden architectural structures, buildings with deep eaves have been built to protect against corrosion. Rain chain was born in Japan because it was difficult to install typical rain gutters with deep eaves, and rain chains were structurally easier to make, allowing water to fall straight down from under the eaves. So, conventionally, it was designed to accommodate buildings with Japanese taste, but our Seo Rain Chain products have evolved into refined and simple forms to fit various styles of architecture.

04High Quality and Durable Chain Gutter

Seo Rain Chain selects only the best materials and has been making high quality rain chains since the 1960s in Japan, where it was first created. Our rain chains are made entirely of high strength stainless steel with no other metals, making it highly durable and able to withstand years of outdoor use under severe conditions. Stainless steel is used for all the parts of the rain chain that are susceptible to deterioration due to water flow, making it a wonderful rain chain that combines the beauty of copper with the toughness of stainless steel.


SEO Inc. was established in 1935 in a city called Takaoka Toyama Prefecture, a highly renowned community for being the largest center of traditional Japanese arts and crafts, including Buddhist altar fittings used in worship, flower vase and bronze statues. A land of metal work which dates back to the Edo period (1603 - 1868 CE). We have endeavored to improve our skills in “bending”, ”welding” and “molding” metal plates and bars in create the finest rain chains, as well as other works of industrial arts and daily goods. We began making rain chains in 1960s and for over 60 years. . We take pride in our work. And for over 60 years, we have diligently carried through with the spirit of “no compromise” and “creating only the best of the best”. We take pride in our work.

Takaoka City of Toyama Prefecture in Japan is full of history.

SEO Inc. has its main office in Takaoka City of Toyama Prefecture. It is a city where metal casting and copper ware industries thrived and the succeeding traditional industry of the present is well known across the country.While inheriting traditional craftsmanship, we have developed various new technologies with the change of times. In the past, we built farming tools, pots and large Buddha statues, but presently we make all sorts of metal products for daily use. About 400 years ago, many craftsmen who casted metal and made copper wares gathered in and around this town called Kanaya-machi in Takaoka City. It is said that because of the river nearby high quality clay were available for production use. Presently, we have two industrial parks in Takaoka City and many of them are metal processing companies.

Name of company Seo Inc.
URL https://www.seo-mill.com/en/
Address 40-5 Sakae-machi, Toide, Takaoka-shi, Toyama-Pref, 939-1118, Japan
Establishment 1935