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How to install Rain Chains

Pattern 1 migumo, ajiro and hamon types

Pattern 1 explains how to install “migumo”, “ajiro” and “hamon”, using the metal fittings included in the rain chains. Installing these types of rain chains (closed-up types) is simple as long as you have an extending hole at the downspout connected to the rain gutter. Please refer “About Metal Fittings” for descriptions.

About Metal Fittings

Rain chains come with hoisting metal fitting and a wire. With ring shaped rain chains such as “migumo”, “ajiro” and “hamon”, you can simply hook it up to the horizontal gutter using the hoisting metal fitting (4φ thick and 140mm in length). If the size does not match the gutter, you can purchase other metal bars for hoisting. But please make sure you get one that is water resistant and can withstand heavy weight.

Procedure for connecting to the rain gutter

First of all, you’ll need a rain gutter with a hole that connects to the downpipe. The picture on the right shows the gutter HACO/H6 from TanitaHousingware co. Ltd with φ60mm hole in it. You’ll also need the rain chains and the metal fittings that you see in the above picture.

Connecting the rain chain is very simple. Just bridge the hoisting metal into the hole, then hook up the rain chains from underneath. However, if the diameter of the hole of the horizontal gutter is larger than that of the rain chain, it could lead to the side leaks. In the case of “migumo” and “hamon”, if the diameter of the rain gutter hole exceeds φ40, rain water may not flow smoothly into the gutter. However, you can use rain water collecting device, sold separately, to improve water flow. The picture below show that the stainless steel rain water collecting device is embedded into the gutter. By using this device, the rain water will trickle down the rain chains efficiently and beautifully. You can also apply caulking around the hole to better prevent any the leakage.

Here, the picture shows that the rain chain rings are bigger than the hole of the rain water collecting device, so that the metal fittings does not fit and thus unable to connect directly. Therefore, the wire is used to connect the rain chains to the rain gutter. It must be securely fastened so that it won’t come off.

Pattern 2 Take and Toh types

Procedures for connecting to the rain gutter

For take and toh, the procedure will differ from Pattern 1, because these are not linked together rain chains. We have metal fittings just for such cases. Please refer to “Metal fitting” for more descriptions. The rain gutter in the picture below is the same one used in Pattern 1. This rain water collecting device goes really well with any rain chains due to its simple yet elegant form.

Place a bolt and a nut onto the rain water collecting device. Again, you can apply the calking for optional preference to prevent leaking.

Put the bolt through the rain chain and attach it to the rain gutter from the hole underneath. The tip of the bolt goes through the center of the metal fitting, then screw it tightly to the wing nut. In case the bolt comes loose after years of use, you can replace it with any bolt you can find at the store.

There is also another way to connect the rain chain without the use of φ50 hole in the downspout. You can directly connect the metal fitting onto the rain gutter by creating a hole. This procedure is much simpler than before. For this, you will need to create a φ44mm hole in the rain gutter, place in the attaching metal fitting and apply the calking around the hole to prevent water leakage. However, the gutter has to be flat which like the rain gutter in the photograph, or otherwise rain chains can not be supported by the winged part.Please refer to the sample of working drawing of the toh rain chain set up in the same gutter.