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About metal fitting

The metal fittings included in the rain chain will differ depending on the types of the rain chains. As explained below, hamon, migumo and ajiro will use different kinds of attachments then toe and take. Please refer to the below instructions when setting up the rain chain.

Metal fittings for hamon, Migumo and Ajiro

As a standard, 2 attaching metal fittings will be included in each rain chains. φ4mm ring shaped metal fitting for hoisting and 1mm wire, both made of stainless steel. Please refer “How to install of rain chains”.

Metal fittings for Toh and Take and Tama

For toh and take, the attaching metal fittings will look something like the pictures below. Starting from the picture on the left, shows the front, the upper and the bottom parts of how the metal fitting would look like. There are M4 full thread, nut and wing nut made of stainless steel.

Winged part is φ61mm, the central body is φ.41.5mm in diameter and the hole at the bottom is φ23.5mm.
The metal fitting will be connected to “toh” rain chain like this. Please download the Metal fitting diagram from the link below.

For setting up , please refer “ How to install of rain chains”