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Migumo L

For large buildings with bigger roofs like public institutions, temples and stations, regular sized rain chain may not be enough. “Migumo Large” was created just for such cases, structurally designed and capable for handling large quantity of rain water. The powerful and dynamic flow of water gives us a spectacular view while efficiently drained along the rain chain.

Technical Specifications

Color Material Attachment Cup width Cup length Standard length
copper Copper & Stainless Steel Connecting metal fittings 5 9/16" 3 13/16" 9'

Product Features

  • Of all the rain chains made by SEO Inc., Migumo L is capable of draining the most amount of rain water, best suited for larger architecture with big roofs.
  • Used by most famous temples in Japan, and applied by world heritage Nikko Toshogu Srine and Kawasaki Daishi Temple.
  • Highest quality guaranteed because every rain chain is carefully made in our own factory in Japan, the birthplace of rain chain.
  • Every rain chain is made-to-order, and we can accommodate your preferred length for various building needs.
  • For everyone who appreciate Japanese aestheticism, rain chains are commonly equipped on Japanese architecture and it could transform your home or building by giving it a Japanese ambiance.
  • For anyone wanting to incorporate the Wa (Japanese traditional sensibility) into a building or structure with traditional Japanese rain chain.





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