Tama L

All stainless steel Tama rain chain is now available in size L. With its soft round form still intact, it is capable of processing much larger amount of rainwater in comparison to the conventional size. It is able to drain as much as 5 times the amount processed by the regular size Tama rain chain.
By giving a design with curvature to stainless steel that is silver and often having rigid impression, it can now be applied to a variety of building types without any feeling of misplacement. It adorns hairline finish, dimming the surface glare but at the same time heightening the superior feel. The ceramic coating prevents Tama from being dirty from the rainwater.
The lines that link rain chains and internal portion where it organizes rainwater is all made of stainless steel as well. Because of the ceramic coating, it will not collect dirt easily so you can clean it just by simply wiping it down.

Length(ft) 9
Strands 25
Price(USD) $ 1125
Material SUS
Attachment Connecting metal fittings

Weights sold separately. Please order weights individually.