Toh L

All stainless rain chain “Toh”, now has a new addition to its line with a slightly larger model the “Toh L”. 60mm diameter makes this type 1.5 times larger in size than the original Toh. It will effectively drain water even for truly oversized roofs. Its draining capacity exceeds conventional type by 5 times.
L type Toh does not have any splices since it is made from pressed stainless sheet metal and it will accommodate a wide ranging type of buildings from residential to buildings with large roofs, adding its sleek appearance from the hairline finish. The length of Toh comes in three types, 126mm, 98mm and 70mm, which are rhythmically connected by 48mm increments.

Length(ft) 9
Strands 19
Price(USD) $ 1000
Material SUS
Attachment Connecting metal fittings

Weights sold separately. Please order weights individually.