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Copper has been highly renown for its profound beauty and durability and was used on the roof of temples, decoration ornaments and rain chains since the olden times. Ajiro, made of pure copper, starts out with shiny orange color, then gradually turns into calmer tanned shades. After several decades, however, it will further transform into a beautiful deep green color called ryokusyo. Copper rain chain will never cease to bring you pleasure and surely continues delight your heart with its ever changing beauty through out the years to come.

Technical Specifications

Color Material Attachment Cup width Cup length Standard length
copper Copper & Stainless Steel Connecting metal fittings 2 1/3" 2 9/16" 9'


Product Features

  • Made with all copper, providing you entertainment over the years as you will enjoy the natural aging process with change of color every year that passes by.
  • Highest quality guaranteed because every rain chain is carefully made in our own factory in Japan, the birthplace of rain chain.
  • Every rain chain is made-to-order, and we can accommodate your preferred length for various building needs.
  • The copper products have copper material on the outer parts for viewing the natural aging process over the years.
  • For everyone who appreciate Japanese aestheticism, rain chains are commonly equipped on Japanese architecture and it could transform your home or building by giving it a Japanese ambiance.
  • For anyone wanting to incorporate the Wa (Japanese traditional sensibility) into a building or structure with traditional Japanese rain chain.





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