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From Measurements to Maintenance

Measuring Method

Please measure the height from the bottom of the eaves sprout to the setup surface on the ground. This length would be necessary for the rain chain. We recommend that you measure before placing the order.

When adjusting the length on site, when installing, you cannot make it longer, but you may cut it to make it shorter. So, please order with ample length.

How to Order

You may order directly from each product page as show

  1. Please order the necessary length by feet units. Please contact us for orders over 20 feet.
  2. Select color.
  3. Enter necessary quantity.
  4. You will jump to PayPal’s shopping cart, but if you want to add other products such as rain chains, anchor or rain chains of different length, please click “Continue Shopping” and proceed with other orders.


After making the payment through PayPal, we will start making the order and deliver it once completed. Please see details on delivery in the following page.

How to Install a Rain Chain

Rain chain requires connecting the upper end to the spout and anchor the lower end with a weight to prevent it from swaying by winds. If the rain chain is not anchored properly, a strong wind will sway and may damage the building or the chain itself. For detailed instructions on how to anchor the rain chain, please follow the below link and make sure to stabilize it.


In order to continue enjoying the rain chain and keep it aesthetically pleasing, performing periodic maintenance is key. In the eave spouts, leaves and unwanted objects will collect and together with dust in the air, these will negatively influence the water flow or make it dirty. On this page, we show you how to perform maintenance and how to repair rain chains damaged from usage. Please review the material here and continue using the rain chain to enjoy the flow of rain water in the intended beautiful condition.